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This is a classic female domination and forced transformation story. Alicia VanBeau and Shelly are engaged, but Shelly has lost his job. This suits his future mother-in-law perfectly and she entices him to move into the large family home. Her plans are to train him as the perfect lady's maid and housekeeper for her daughter. It all begins when she bribes him to attend a costume ball as the perfect image of a collector's doll, Mary. She even has plans to train him to serve her daughter's more masculine lover.

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    That next week, the mansion fluttered with excitement awaiting the return of Alicia.

    Shelley, only briefly, tried to argue that he wanted to wear something more masculine for her return, but Mrs. VanBeau convinced him that she wanted to fool Alicia with Shelley's transformation to see if he would be recognized. Early that evening, the cab pulled into the circular drive and Shelley, dressed again in his pink satin uniform and made up like a porcelain doll, stood by the doorway to greet his mistress. His heart pounded as he saw his fiancee, looking more beautiful and radiant than he ever remembered, walk toward the home.

    She greeted the pretty maid in pink with a friendly hello as she handed over her wrap and gloves, while giving this new politely curtsying staff member the once over as she wondered at her mother's taste for sexy looking maids.

    Embracing her mother she casually asked, "Where's Shelley? I have a very big hug for him."

    "Why darling, don't you recognize our sexy little maid?" her mother responded noting poor Shelley's embarrassed blush. "We call her Michelle, dearest."