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The continuing story of Charlie, a crossdresser whose feminine name is now Lynn, and Bonnie, his girlfriend who encourages him along the path of femininity.

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    "I realize that Charlie has to work and his presence is required for his job. Here's what I suggest: if I am to move into your house, I expect Lynn to be my roommate. Charlie can be present when he needs to change for work. Otherwise I want lynn at all other times! I guess that Charlie will be present in the early morning and when he returns from work. If I am gone during the weekend, Charlie can stay but I expect to find Lynn upon my a arrival and no trace of Charlie in our bedroom. Do you think I am asking too much?"

    Pausing a minute to think, I replied, "I understand what your terms are. Because I want to be with you, I will agree. Sometimes Charlie may have to be present in the morning before leaving for a trip or if I make local sales calls. I guess I can move Charlie's belongings into the spare bedroom and bath. I promise that he will not enter our bedroom unless it is absolutely necessary. If I should forget, all you have to do is to remind me and I will comply."