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Patricia Michelle is one of our finest authors, creating unique stories of female domination and forced transformation richly illustrated with her own creations. The books shown here are our eBook versions and are immediately available for download.

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FLUFFY THE SISSY MAID eBook by Patricia Michelle mags, inc, novelettes, ebooks, crossdressing, transgender, transsexual, transvestite, feminine, domination
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    "You were actually married to him?" another woman asked in disbelief. Whi9ch prompted Marsha to tell the story of my downfall and how I came to knock on her door one day.  "Knowing you, it's hard to think you were ever married so someone, well, like him." a third woman scornfully remarked.  "Yes well, I was, unfortunately, quite a different person then," Marsha said. "I simply cant' imagine any real man accepting the position of his ex-wife's, what did you call him, your Lady's Boy?"...