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Reluctant Press eBooks are in PDF form, easily downloaded and password free. After you place your order, you will receive an email with directions and a link to obtain your each of your eBooks. Click on each one, one at a time, to download your books. The links will expire in two days.

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    "It is not the real South?""No Tod. that has been gone for half a millennium.""It looks, feels, sounds, smells real. but you just found out a half hour ago that I'm from the South. this would take years to do. How did you do it?"She smiled at me. "It took a little more that a week to do. Our first conversation took place almost two weeks ago.""But how could... I never noticed that...""No Tod, that's the idea. You don't notice when it happens.""I feel like I have no control over what happens to...

    Reluctant Press has been in business for over 25 years bringing the best in stories of crossdressing, transsexuals, forced feminization, mystery, intrigue and often the ultimate satisfaction of transgender individuals. From those involved with innocent urges to males trapped by women and men with sinister goals, the novels bring you adventure in the transvestite, crossdressing and transgender world.