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Michael has been sent to prison after being found guilty for embezzlement. Now, he is short and slight and therefore concerned about his safety there, but by being picked to be an office worker at the construction site of a women�s prison, where the administrators and workers are all women, and it seems like a good opportunity for safety and rewarding work. All too soon he has been thrust into a whole new world and identity � as Michelle!

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    The dresses that were fitted to us were all similar - sleazy scarlet with a built in uplift that thrust our breasts out - and a huge bow at the back, right above the backside. I learned that when I walked to wiggle that bow from side to side in a most provocative manner. It turned out that the fittings were to ensure that all of us had exactly the same about of freedom in our walking - damn little to tell the truth - but when I was trying mine out, I must admit that I giggled at all the silliness - just like the other girls did as we all examined each other. As I must also admit, I discovered that far from looking down on my cohorts, it was amongst other parrots in a atrium otherwise heavily populated with sparrows and pigeons as they looked on with a smile at their more exotic playthings.