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This is a crime story involving an intrepid female reporter, Jane, investigating a sexual slave trade syndicate and the FBI, which has been working on the investigation for years. As their plans for busting the crooks develop Jane�s brother, John, able to flawlessly impersonate her, becomes part of this dangerous game.

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    "The torso will be put on John in pieces. They will be molded together so no seams will be visible. This is all done in a hot sauna. The reason is that since the torso expands more in heat than normal skin, it will be easier to put on. With the torso on John will be put on a bed where he will be floating on air. He will stay there for at least 24 hours so the torso really can mold into his own skin. He can then go and take a look in a full-length mirror and see for himself that he looks exactly like his sister. For the period on the bed we will give him a sedative so he can sleep it through. The next two days we will use for final adjustments. Any questions?"