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This is the rest of Carollyn Olson�s invaluable tips and tricks to transform you into a confident and beautiful woman.

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    Chapter 34

    Ten Ways to Look Girly and Add Feminine Charm to Your Look

    By Cynthia Wells

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    Current trends may have an air of toughness (studs, menswear) and minimalism, but there are still plenty of ways to add a feminine touch to your look.

    A little bit of softness - a pretty pink here, a peek of lace there - really goes a long way in adding a youthful, feminine touch to everything you wear. Of course there's no need to go overboard and too cutesy: try just adding an element of girliness, mixing it with something casual, a classic or even menswear. For example, you could try a peplum top with a pencil skirt. Or wear a lace trimmed blouse under a traditional black pantsuit.