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With the death of his, or rather her mother, other forces, other people step in to make sure that she further progresses to become the complete woman, whether or not she desires it.

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    ...Oh yes, mummy would give her an A-plus rating for the way that Diana was behaving with her man.

    I could hear her saying, "It's the Method, Diana! You have to be Diana and feel what she feels, what she'd love to feel when she kisses Calvin, not what John feels. Ugh, no, don't even think of him at all. Don't bring him into any of this. This is you, being Diana, feeling how she feels, and loving making lots of lovely money as an actress as you do this, what you must, with Scot, Cal, or Grainger!"

    Oh, Mummy was so right, I thought, trembling as I tried to think where the voice in my head was coming from. I don't know if it was that single, little doubt or if it was Kathy, clattering out of another elevator and clicking speedily down the hallway to confront us.