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This is Karen’s story, beginning when she was only 12 years old. Her mom is a professional dominatrix and Karen is intrigued. As she grows up she begins to understand that she might be able to use this skill. She has always been kind of interested in Donald and her mom teaches her how to turn him – turn him into Donna!

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    That woman! She just loved to tease him. I think at times, even Wendy was scandalized at what she'd make him do. Once she had him take off his shoes - then made him step into a pair of lacy pink satin panties - and pull them up over his outer clothes. Then he had to get fastened into a matching bra - again over his outer clothes. After she had padded his bra, she led him through the store to where Amy and I were sitting enjoying complimentary cokes. I couldn't help it - couldn't stop giggling at the poor boys mortification. "Why are you wearing panties and a bra, Donna?" I finally managed to say.

    "I mentioned to Marie that I thought you'd like them," he said. "She suggested that you'd get a far better idea of how they looked if I modeled..." he blushed an even deeper shade of red... "them for you."