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Mags Inc Novelette Story Cover
Our story starts when Dawn Maynard steps into rescue Marion from a beating being given to him by 3 toughs as they are all on their way to school. Dawn, hardened by years of farm work easily dispatches the bullies and, at the same time, makes a life long friend with the slight boy. After the bullies reign of terror is ended (as well as the authorities that protected them), the two get to know each other a lot better. Marion, as it turns out, looks great in dresses and Dawn loves him that way. Will the now exiled and imprisoned evil doers return to take their revenge and will the new friends become a lot more than just friends?
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    It was definitely Marian, but a drastically changed Marian! He was wearing a beautiful fairy princess satin gown complete with a magic wand clutched in his painted fingernails and a twinkling tiara atop his blonde curls. His eyes were outlined in dark kohl, his cheeks were a pink from blusher, his lashes heavily mascara'd, lush, long and gorgeous! His lips had been carefully outlined with red pencil and filled in with a bright pink lipstick. From his obviously pierced lobes hung golden hoops that twinkled in the soft afternoon sunlight.

    His legs were encased in shimmery nude nylons and his feet were perched atop strapped operas with four inch high heels that forced hin to take small dainty steps to prevent from falling flat! Around his neck was buckled Dawn's puppy collar, the tiny silvery ring glittering brightly under his proudly held chin!