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They met at work. Anne Morgan was the head of the HR department and Simon Brooks who was much lower on the food chain. The story basically begins when we are introduced to Mina, the housemaid, who was once Simon. Miss Anne has decided the crossdressed boy needs to learn to adjust his voice to a more feminine quality. Here is their story. Eight Illustrations!!

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    "Guess what?" Anne said as if she hadn't heard what Simon just mentioned. She was in a teasing mode again and her domineering genes were kicking in, "I see one of our cleaners coming towards my office pushing he cart. She looks rather drab in her uniform, the olive green dress with the checked collar and the matching checked tabard, both slightly discolored from the use of bleach and other cleaning chemicals.

    "Soon you will be one of those cleaners. In fact I think I might assign you to clean my office and come and empty my waste basket and clean wipe my desk. Would you like that Mina dear?" Now her voice had a more sarcastic tone.

    Simon was all excited now, the moment Anne became bossier his submissive side resurfaced more strongly. And this was one of those moments