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A deeply sexual and seductive story of a woman, her grown son and her lady lover who discover that her hacker ex-husband has been stealing from her for years. They decide that they must seek revenge. Step one, using sex, enslave the ex's new wife. Step two, using the wife and more sex, transform the husband into their feminized husband. The story only really works when you read both books.

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    It did not happen right away, actually doing something on his own initiative, but all the same, Gordon was hooked into femininity from the moment that he could not turn his face away from the mirror. Head firmly held in place by Lark's head buried in the other side of his neck, Gordon was forced to view how pretty he looked. He could have closed his eyes in disgust at how easily feminine he could appear. But just as with his previous extramarital affairs, a pretty face always drew his attention first, keeping his attention to check out the body. And dammit, he did look good when Lark finished 'her' face! As suggested to be a pretend lesbian like in his favorite pornos, he then sincerely wanted to become the woman that his wife was then bouncing in 'her' lap.