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After a traumatizing breakup with his most recent girlfriend, Greg Davis interviews and secures a teaching position at a small college called The Janus Academy. He is looking for renewal, never suspecting that everyone who comes to Janus is subject to a complete renewal.

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    "We have a unique purpose here at Janus. In addition to educating our students, we remake a certain type of poorly functioning boys to a very much more effective girl while allowing them the option to shift between roles as they need.

    "You were recruited because, in addition to your excellent background and credentials you've had some experience in girls' roles in prep school plays so that you can empathize with the needs of our unique students. Ricki isn't the only girl at Janus with her special endowment. Very many of our girls are so endowed; even some of the staff and faculty ladies have that something extra!

    "We do what we do quite well. Our 'girls' are supported and helped through whatever degree of transition they choose to make in order to meet their individual needs. We guide them through the discovery of their real selves and what they have to do to be comfortable with their inner essence."