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Alan Smith, little more than a boy, couldn�t take life in the British army any longer and goes AWOL in the winter. Eventually, without suitable clothes or money, he finds refuge with a woman, Harriet Richards, living alone on a farm. The MP�s are searching for him and Harriet suggests, well actually insists, that the only way to avoid capture and life in prison would be for him to dress and act as a woman. Things get complicated when one of the MP�s decides that the disguised young man is worth dating.

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    "Rita! Couldn't I be a Veronica or an Alison?" he joked.

    "No, you're definitely a Rita to me," she said giggling and finishing the last nail on his hand. "Now the other hand."

    She lifted a headscarf and wrapped it around his head.

    "Pucker your lips," she commanded.

    "I don't know how," he whined.

    "Oh just open your mouth," she said taking some bright red lipstick and applying the color to his lips. Then a little rouge was added to his cheeks. "That's just perfect."

    His face was transformed but she looked at him somewhat dejectedly then she brightened up again. "I know what's wrong."

    Then she took great delight at plucking his eyebrows.