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Rick's wife thinks that he is spending too much time watching sports. She has the perfect solution! A girl's night out... As a GIRL!! How to accomplish this? It's a mystery until a friend of hers shows her a brochure entitled "How to Calm a Cave Man". It is an advertisement for a DVD that will change a man just by listening to it and without him even knowing.

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    Months pass and Rick slowly kept changing. He became addicted to the makeover shows on daytime TV. It made me laugh inside to hear him offer other suggestions on makeup and wardrobe for the women being made over. Rick's advice was right on, every time.

    I kept Sue updated on what was happening and she thought it was a laugh. "Rick, the same Rick that spent hours watching ESPN. is now hooked on 'Makeover Maven' and 'What to Wear'?"

    "He comes up with makeovers right after seeing the woman, I said with a note of pride. "He gets it right every time!"

    "Unbelievable," she grinned, picturing Rick in a cute tracksuit, reading Mademoiselle or Cosmopolitan.

    "He has actually had subscriptions to some I don't read?" I giggled. "He reads them cover to cover. He chooses my outfits whenever I have an important meeting and I always get compliments."