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Our story continues... Maybe things are going even further that our narrator (Rick's wife) ever dreamed, but they keep progressing as Rick is disappearing. The also begin to engage her best friend, Sue, and her husband, Bob in their femininzing adventures.

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    "You're complaining?" Rick asked.

    "Gawd no," I answered. "Maybe you'd still be all man if I had worn more sexy lingerie."

    "Nothing could have changed my mind," he said with a disarming smile and shimmy his chest. "I know now that I was meant to wear bras. I wish I'd started when I was twelve."

    'At least after I gave you that DVD' I thought. "You don't have to go all the way," I quickly suggested, hoping to plant a seed of doubt. "I like you the way you are now."

    He put one hand on his breasts and the other on his crotch. "That wouldn't work. I love everything that goes along with being a woman, the clothes, the way men look at me... especially the way men look at me," Rick winked at Bob.