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Danny Mitchell was a shy, reserved teenager growing up in upstate New York and the new boy who moved in next door. it is a journey of discovery as those high school years always are, with Danny getting to know Taylor better and Taylor coming to terms with his true self. It's a path that Danny comes to experience from his own perspective as well.

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    Danny walked into the next room and came face-to-face with Robin. Their eyes met ad they goth smiled.

    Robin gave him a hug and whispered "thank you" in his ear. Robin stood about three inches shorter tan Danny since she was wearing black flats, but in heels they woul be equal in hight.

    "You look fantastic," Danny stated, as he scanned Robin from head to toe. Her blonde hair almost reached her blouse collar and was flipped at the ends, and her blue eyes radiated with a light brushing of eyeliner, shadow and a hint of mascara on her lashes. She wore very little makeup, because she didn't need it. Pink gloss adorned her lips.