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Sometime in the future after another world war, the male population has been completely decimated and women, out of necessity, control all aspects of society. The boys that are left are subjected to the demotion in rank that the girls and women once were.

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    It's now noticeable that their hair is nicer, as mine has become and I again make a short stint on the second team. Then because it is recognized that there is a need for the cheering of our girl athletes, I am shown off in my cheerleader costume, lipstick and all. So here I am, in all my girlish glory, waving my pompoms and shaking my backside in true cheerleader fashion. At this point I am blushing a fiery red as the audience cheers even louder. My fellow cheerleaders and I bounce and shake in all our adolescent secuality, girlish of course, though for some reason it's described as masculine.