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Product Title Rating
881 A Perfect World by Rebecca RaffertyA Perfect construction4.00
A Strict Dress Code by Alice TrailFrankly unbelievable, but fun read3.00
His Wife's Wife by Alice TrailShock ending4.00
Oh, Brother! by Eleanor Darby WrightSexy college tale5.00
731 HER SON'S NAME IS CHRISTINE by Philippa PetersHot and somewhat believable5.00
728 MY FATHER'S NAME IS JENNIFER by Philippa PetersTesting out Femininity4.00
823 Partners For Life by Norman WayA trip starts a Journey4.00
724 EN FEMME FOR LIFE eBook by Norman WayOrphan finds Femininity 4.00
REPUTED TO BE A GIRL by Eleanor Derby WrightHot story about high schoolers5.00
MARTIN or MARCIE, DECIDE! By Eleanor Darby Wright High school hi-jinks continue5.00
Imagining That Dreams Come True by Eleanor Darby WrightGreat conclusion to 3 part series5.00
803 Their Wonderful Breasts eBook by Blind RuthMostly unbelievable forced femming3.00
821 Made A Lady by Blind RuthIf women could rule the world...3.00
824 Made A Lady 2 by Blind RuthIf women ruled the world3.00
697 A Journey For Life by Norman WayNice story5.00
969 Redemption by William KincaidBittersweet story5.00
625 MITCHELL'S SWITCH By Briana VermontAnother Way Out There Tale from Ms. Vermont4.00
667 MEMORIES by Briana VermontScience Fiction with an unusual plot5.00
733 THE LAST WILL & TESTAMENT OF OLIVIA MACKENZIE by Briana VermontFunny Ending and a hilarious story5.00
613 CAT & DOUG By Briana VermontProbably would never happen in real life, but...5.00
562 MUSICAL GENIUS by Briana VermontHow far would your economic needs drive you?5.00
541 Bikinis & Blush, But No Boys! by Briana VermontTeenage CD's dream vacation?4.00
900 - Love at Sunset by William KincaidTrue to life story4.00
969 Redemption by William KincaidGreat story5.00