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What if society made you wear a dress, panties and makeup? What if you were expected to wear high heels and lipstick? That's what Sandy Thomas books are about.

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Schoolboy to Showgirl by Sandy Thomas sandy thomas, mags inc, crossdress, transvestite, transvestism, transgender. tv fiction classics, my son the actress
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    The Follies girls were recruited from among the small town beauty queens and unfortunates who had gotten into some minor trouble in their conservative hometowns. They welcomed a chance to get away from all who know them, joining the Vegas shows for the freedom and adventure if offered.They were a fun-loving lot as a rule, although hard and a bit bawdy under the standards of the road. I went through a deal of teasing and good-natured fun that I rather enjoyed. I like the attention from these...

    His First Bra by Sandy Brown sandy thomas, mags inc, crossdress, transvestite, transvestism, transgender. contemporary TV fiction, Sissy, Sissy to Stewardess.
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      I remember with such clarity the first time I thought of buying Jamie a bra. There was a neighborhood girl, Luycy a real to-boy who was a year to two older than Jamie. Suddenly she was beginning to show little buds through her shirts. Oh my, that is such a special time in a girl's life! It's like your transformation into a woman is announcing itself to the world!Soon after, the girl was in bras. And after she started wearing bras, her whole personality seemed to change. She seemed to becoe...

      Sandy Thomas Publications has been around for several decades and is known for bringing some of the finest stories regarding forced crossdressing, and feminine domination of innocent males.